Nic Cage Cage Fighting Shorts – For The MMA Fighter Who Has Everything

You’d think that with Weston Cage’s love for showing off his slick, super badass fighting moves that he’d have his own face on a pair of cage shorts already. But when it comes to displaying ones respect for the Cage name and cage fighting, the only man’s face that needs to be seen is his father, Nic Cage, and that’s the basic message that the folks at Raven Fight Wear are trying to convey with this amazing pair of “Cage, Cage Shorts” that can be yours for the low, low price of $39.95. Wear them to the beach, while you’re lounging poolside or even just around the house, but know that as soon as a fighter wears them in the octagon, that man will immediately become mine and Vince’s favorite fighter. Until he loses in a hilariously embarrassing manner, of course.

(H/T to Cage Potato)