Nic Cage, Con Air Director to Remake Taken

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12.15.10 11 Comments

Nic Cage, the famous dinosaur-skull baron who’s willing to die for honor and thinks it’s terrible that young children are forced to eat each other, is set to re-team with Con Air director Simon West, and you’ll never believe the story this time.  Get this: Cage will play a reformed crook who has to use the skills he learned in the life he left behind to save his daughter from kidnappers.  Wait, is this plot suitable for a movie? It seems so untested.

MEDALLION follows a father, a former master thief, who has only a few hours to find his daughter when she is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a New York medallion taxi cab.
David Guggenheim, the former Us Weekly journalist who segued into screenwriting when he sold his high-profile spec Safe House wrote the script. [THR]

I like this “Nic Cage’s Medallion” idea, but does it have to be a movie?  I think it’d work better as a still photo.  Or maybe instead of chasing after his daughter, he’s chasing after a medallion.  “I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY, BUT I GOTTA GET TO THAT MEDALLION!”, he could say.

“If you’re looking for money, I can tell you that I don’t have money.  What I do have is an albino king cobra, a couple dinosaur skulls, and a Lamborghini that once belonged to the Shah of Iran.  Would you consider a trade?”

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