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03.20.09 21 Comments

I normally don’t read stories about movie set visits because, and I hope this isn’t too “inside baseball” for you, they’re f-cking boring.  Luckily FilmDrunkard John was kind enough to skip to the good part of Hitfix’s visit to Kick-Ass.  Namely, that Nic Cage will be playing his character as an Adam West impression.

Holy Himalayan…”  That’s all Nic managed on the first take before they stopped because of a technical issue.  I could barely hear him, because as soon as the scene started, Matthew [Vaughn] called cut.  So everyone moves in, takes care of the problem Matthew spotted, and then it’s back to the start.  Once they’re rolling, the clapper comes in to mark take two, and…

“Holy Himalayan gill-breathing reindeer, Hit Girl, the DNA from Frank D’Amico has still… not… been downloaded.”

And at those pauses, deployed so precisely, I had no choice but to snort.  Keep in mind, this is the first time in ten years I’ve laughed at anything during a take, but it’s because I wasn’t prepared at all for the voice that Nic Cage was using.  Adam f-cking West. [HitFix]

…Himalayan …Gill-breathing …Reindeer.  Just a thought here: maybe it’s best not to let the guy who named his kid after Superman ad-lib.  Just sayin.

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