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09.09.09 18 Comments

Ever since Nic Cage won me over with is “this is my lucky crack pipe” line delivery in Bad Lieutenant, I’ve been dying to see him in anything that doesn’t involve magic, treasure, or Jerry Bruckheimer.  Sadly, the forehead has left one such project, Seth Rogen’s comedic take on the Green Hornet.

Cage was to play the villain in Columbia’s action movie, being directed by Michel Gondry, but the actor and the studio were not able to come to terms on a deal.  No scenes with Cage were on shot for the movie, which just began principal photography in Los Angeles last week. [THR]

Bummer about Nic Cage, but I’m sure he’ll manage to keep a stiff upper face about this whole thing, he always does.  Also, and I’m just throwing it out there, there’s still time to cast the tranny Michel Gondry drew for me.  Think about it.  This is what Nic Cage would’ve wanted.

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