WITNESS: The Sideways Brohawk, the new coolest haircut of all time

03.03.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Here we have the trailer for Attack the Block, opening this Spring in the UK (no release date set in the US yet), which is basically Shaun of the Dead, but with aliens instead of zombies, and a group of black kids instead of Simon Pegg. (Think of how much Run Fatboy Run could’ve been improved using the same method!)

The story is, aliens attack a housing project in South London, and the street kids who live there (including Frost, who plays a drug dealer) have to fight back.  It looks promising, mainly because there was a kid with this haircut, and it was nothing short of a revelation:

Is that… a sideways brohawk?  That is… incredible.  That is the new coolest haircut of all time. Friends, I write a popular movie blog. I wear fashionable clothing. I use only the freshest colognes and body sprays.  I generally like to think I’m pretty cool.  But I know one thing for certain, and that’s that, as cool as I might be, I will never be “sideways-brohawk” cool.  Aw, man. I just got really depressed.

[via Empire]

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