Nicole Kidman cries her way to the Oscar

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10.25.10 23 Comments

Here’s Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart a-cryin and a-grievin in the new trailer for Rabbit Hole.  I’d be the last person to recommend a film about people grieving (except Hesher, which was awesome), but just when you think you’ve had an ass full of Nicole Kidman’s whining, The Shins Broken Bells+ fade in for a montage and whoa, is that an art-film boner? …Maybe.

Rabbit Hole is directed by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig), written by David Lindsey-Abaire, based on his own Pulitzer-prize winning play.  Lindsay-Abaire was born David Abaire in south Boston, the son of a factory worker and a market worker, but in seventh grade he got a scholarship to a fancy boarding school and POW! Now his last name is hyphenated with his wife’s and he lives in Brooklyn.   And now you know why I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore.  On a serious note, I saw this play.  It was pretty good.

(*takes sip of espresso, cuts fart, inhales deeply, comments on how San Francisco is like a European city*)

+ That’s not fair, they have the same lead singer. Crap, my fart-smelling privileges are revoked, aren’t they.

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