Tony Scott's suicide note didn't mention motive, according to report

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08.24.12 20 Comments

Okay, so I use the term “report” loosely, as it comes from TMZ, but they say Tony Scott’s suicide note did NOT hint at any motive for his suicide. It contained only a series of frownie face emoticons. Okay, not really.

Tony Scott did not explain why he decided to take his own life in the suicide note he left for loved ones … but did offer a final emotional farewell … TMZ has learned.
Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ … the note was “short and sweet.”  Tony said in the note he loved his wife and his 2 kids — Max and Frank.
We’re told Scott’s wife has not told investigators about anything that might have triggered a suicide, although as we first reported she did tell investigators Scott did NOT have brain cancer or any other significant medical problem. [TMZ]

Star whackers, dude. They killed David Carradine, framed Randy Quaid, made Tony Scott jump off a bridge, and convinced the world that Phyllis Diller’s BASE jumping accident was natural causes. Either that, or some questions just don’t have answers.

This is neither here nor there, but the best way to tell whether you’re a sh*tty tabloid is if someone commits suicide, you use the saddest-looking picture of them you can find. Guy beats his wife? TMZ has the picture of him, a maniacal look on his face as he violently tries to slap ketchup out of the bottle.

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