Channing Tatum Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To New Orleans

Good news, unemployed people of New Orleans. There’s a brand new restaurant and bar opening on Bourbon Street in the coming months, and it’s offering so much more than tips and 30% off your meal. Starting yesterday, Saints & Sinners began hiring bartenders and servers, and if you’re not the hardest workin’, twerkin’, layin’ it down, flippin’ it and tip sharing playboy in the ho$pitality BIZNA$$$TY, then you shouldn’t even bother, because this is Channing Tatum’s very own restaurant and he’s only hiring the flyest boos, heard?

So what kind of place is Saints & Sinners? Let’s just say it’s way more Magic Mike than it is The Vow. According to the website (currently under constrizzlestruction)…

Is it a coincidence that I just booked a trip to New Orleans for November and C-Tates has a new restaurant opening on Bourbon Street? Probably. But still, this is the best coincidence of my life, because I just know that this will finally be my opportunity to challenge him to a dance off.

In the meantime, while little is still known about what kind of food this restaurant will serve, I was able to get my hands on an advance copy of the menu.