Obama Is Screening ‘The Monuments Men’ At The White House With The Cast Today

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02.18.14 13 Comments

The cool thing about being the President of the United States and the most powerful man in the entire world is that whenever you’re tired of dealing with laws and the economy and cable news people taking big poops all over your face, you can just call up your Hollywood bros and have them bring their latest movie right to your doorstep. That’s what Barack Obama is doing today, as he’s having the cast and crew of The Monuments Men over at the White House for a special screening of the underachieving film, and probably so he can catch up with his BFF George Clooney.

As Deadline pointed out, Clooney helped raise an absurd $15 million for Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012, but it goes far beyond business as usual with this bromance. Instead, they’ve discussed some hot button world issues on a number of occasions, and that has led to the kind of friendship that leaves the leader of the free world gushing about Clooney for several minutes in his television interviews.

And here’s G-Cloons sticking up for his best bud Barry O-Bombs while he was promoting The Ides of March back in 2012. Oh, and bragging about how much he loves making movies and dating women half his age.

In conclusion, the Illuminati is real and it exists in Obama’s secret movie meetings with Clooney, at which they take off their masks to reveal their Kenyan lizard heads and have orgies with Michelle Obama’s army of alien spider queens.

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