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03.08.10 20 Comments

With every exec in Hollywood currently turning everything into 3D and rushing to adapt anything with even the slightest name recognition, it’s only logical that we’d get a 3D bible movie.  Heck, they don’t even have to pay Jesus for his life rights, that Jew.  From DHD:

I’m told that Paramount Pictures and former Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat producing with Reel Fx are mounting In The Beginning, a 3D telling of the creation story. The film is using The Book of Genesis as its primary resource. A script has been written by John Fusco (Hidalgo), and directing will be TV vet David Cunningham.

The $30 million film will use 3-D visuals to transform the oft-told tale into a spectacle that the filmmakers hope will attract family- and faith-based audiences that flocked to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, that first Chronicles of Narnia installment made on Granat’s Walden watch.

I just hope they give this the full Hollywood treatment.  Because let’s face it, “There was nothing, so God made stuff” is kinda boring.  Maybe on the third day, God could create Tony Jaa, and an elephant for him to do flip kicks off.  Genesis: In the Kneeginning, they could call it.

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