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06.13.08 54 Comments

So it turns out that the video of the office worker going apeshit (I’ve included it after the jump) that made its way around the internet faster than your sister at a frat party was actually created by Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, as viral marketing for his movie.

I don’t know how marketing works in whatever eastern bloc shit hole he’s from (hint: it’s Kazakhstan), but last I checked, the audience has to actually associate what they’re watching with the product it was created to market in order to be effective.

Not only that, but according to an unsubstantiated account of Bekmambetov’s blog post translated by Babelfish, his aim was to mock the audience, and prove how gullible and foolish us Westerners are.  I don’t know where this a-hole gets off calling me gullible, but after I finish writing this cashier’s check to the rich Kuwaiti I met online and take these pills that will make me last all night, me, my fat wallet, and my big hard cock are going to hunt down this pinko and serve him a fist burrito.  

Know who the original kings of viral marketing were?  Viruses. 

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