Oh Great, It’s Another ‘Friday’ Movie

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11.17.11 18 Comments

Back in 1995, Ice Cube was still basically the bad ass gangsta (or gangster if I’m not allowed to say it like that) rapper that we grew to know and love when one of our white friends copied a NWA tape from his cooler older brother in college. He was a year removed from his “Natural Born Killaz” collaboration with Dr. Dre, and when it came to his acting career, he was still Doughboy and Fudge to his fans. Then came Craig.

Friday was an instant classic, both as a comedy and as the official launch of Ice Cube: Movie Star, as well as the introduction of Chris Tucker. And like any true classic, Friday had a sequel (Next Friday) and like any true cinematic ATM, there was a third film. And now, presumably because Tucker needs money and Ice Cube can do whatever he wants, there will be a fourth Friday, confirmed by none other than Tiny “Zeus” Lister, aka DeBo.

Though Lister only appeared in the first two films, he recently spoke with TMZ (via Movies.com) and revealed that he’s soon meeting with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker about doing yet another Friday sequel.

No word on where the story might take the characters but Lister says, “This is gonna be the big one.”

(Via First Showing)

Tucker didn’t appear in the second or third installments because of “religious” reasons, but I imagine “homeless” reasons will make sure he shows up in this version. Which I am recommending be named Is It Saturday Yet?

[Vince’s Note: “Tiny Zeus” is my nickname for my penis.]

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