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(“Over there, a casino.  If you leave town, it’s yours. You can even spend the money on meth.”)

The Jerry Bruckheimer Lone Ranger movie hasn’t come up in a while, but if you were worried we wouldn’t get a gay cop Western from the producer who brought us G-Force and Cop Show: City, well just climb down from that clock tower and prepare for a cock shower.  (I dunno, it rhymed.)

Justin Haythe, who adapted “Revolutionary Road,” is negotiating to take on the script for Disney’s “The Lone Ranger.” …Bruckheimer is producing the project, [which he promises will have “a supernatural aspect] which announced the casting of Johnny Depp as Tonto [a Spanish word for stupid, true story] nearly a year and a half ago. [THR]

The project originally had the Pirates of the Caribbean writers attached, but these projects tend to go through a lot of writers.  The way it works is, Jerry Bruckheimer hammers a line of coke and throws out a retarded idea, and all the screenwriters play musical chairs and the last one to sit down spends the next year putting an oozing pus wound on his resume.

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