Oklahoma man charged with holding a Juggalo Tailgate

Does Juggalo news count as movie news?  Let’s pretend for a second that it does.  The clown in your banner picture is 20-year-old Andrew Davis, of Bartlesville, Oklahoma (sister city to Jamesville, namesake of the famous wine coolers). He’s accused of holding a Juggalo Tailgate — running over a pedestrian and dragging him for more than 100 feet.  The victim is accused of claiming magnets aren’t miracles.

Chief Holland says Davis was driving down Ohio Avenue in Bartlesville around 10pm Tuesday when he hit someone with his car, and dragged the person about 100 feet.  The person was thrown into a nearby yard, with multiple abrasions, and police say Davis kept driving and was pulled over and arrested a few moments later.

Holland says Davis told officers the victim had punched him earlier.  He says witnesses say Davis and a passenger in his car were yelling before the victim was hit and as he was being dragged.

Holland says his department is still trying to figure out exactly what led up to the incident.  He says there is a group of so-called “Juggalos” in Bartlesville, known to wear this type of makeup, but Holland says he hasn’t encountered violence among the group. [KOKI-Fox]

I really liked the term “Juggalo Mugshot,” so I went into the bullpen to see if we could come up with an Urban Dictionary definition.  Here’s what we came up with, but of course, feel free to add your own:

My suggestions: 1. A term for what happens when your wife-cousin gets photographed with clown makeup-like domestic violence bruises during a family reunion, often with that sad mugshot-look on her face.  (I suppose the bruises could also come from moshing).
2.  When the lightbulb you’re smoking meth out of explodes in your face like an old-timey flashbulb.

Robopanda: *slams Jeopardy buzzer first* SURPRISE FACIAL FOLLOWED BY UNWILLING TWITPIC! …I just lost money, didn’t I?

Danger Guerrero: A Juggalo Mugshot would be a good name for that thing where you’re a diminutive Asian F-list celebrity and TMZ posts pictures of you after thousands of people threw their excrement at you while you were performing a topless concert for them. I seen it a million times.

[Editor’s Note: Excrement AND rocks. Can’t forget the rocks.]

Chareth Cutestory: Ejaculating in the face of a fat chick causing mascara to run into a clownlike visage.

Donkey Hodey: A Juggalo Mugshot is when you get a hold of somebody else’s phone and use it to change their Facebook profile pic to a snapshot of the saddest, ugliest thing you can find (usually your junk). [See, it starts out an insult to Juggalos, and ends up an insult to his genitals. -Ed.]

Jacktion!: A Juggalo Mugshot is when you “antique” someone with a mix of flour and dog poop.