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There’s really no more blatant way to pander to the nerds and get everyone damp under the man-boobs than sticking Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show in various cleavage-heavy outfits like Princess Leia.  But while my brain is insulted, my boner refuses to be reasoned with, and the shame tears just make me jerk harder (this is why Mormons have so many kids).  If one picture could sum up Comic-Con:

I’ll say this for Comic-Con: it’s the one day of the year when models really earn their paycheck.  You can just imagine some poor girl dressed as the world’s sluttiest centaur getting paid to be gawked at all day thinking “I pictured Milan…”  That Olivia Munn can still smile and maintain a cheerful exterior while surrounded by 15 socially inept shut-ins shouting, “Hey Olivia, I whack it to you way more than Megan Fox!” and “Hey Olivia, sign this hair doll!” and “Hey Olivia, lemme rub my greasy boner on you!” is nothing short of miraculous.  She’s truly a Saint I’d like to Motorboat.  (more pictures and video below)

[way more video over at G4]

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