Avi “king of good ideas” Lerner planning Olympus Has Fallen sequel

I never saw Gerard Butler’s terrorists-take-down-the-White-House movie, Olympus Has Fallen, mainly because I was boycotting in favor of the Channing Tatum version, White House Down. White House Down eventually grossed more ($204.5m worldwide to $161), but it also cost twice as much. Now OHF producer Avi Lerner (he of The Expendabelles fame) is convinced there’s still some juice left in this concept, so he’s planning an OHF sequel set in London called “London Has Fallen.”

From Screendaily:

EXCLUSIVE: Nu Image will kick off talks on what is likely to become one of the must-haves of the market as Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman prepare to reprise their roles from the original action smash.

Millennium Films is producing and financing London Has Fallen and Alan Siegel and Gerard Butler’s G-Base will also produce.

That’s right, Gerard Butler has a production company called “G-Base.” What was the second choice, “Butler-Chugging?”

Shooting is scheduled to begin in London on May 5 2014 on the story of a plot to strike the city during the funeral of the British Prime Minister. Only the President Of The United States, his secret service head and an English MI6 agent can save the day. Angela Bassett and Radha Mitchell also star.

So they basically took Olympus Has Fallen, added in London, and stole the part where the president kills bad guys from White House Down? Hmm. Steal the part where Channing Tatum talks to squirrels and you’ve got my money. There’s still a lot of meat left on that bone if you ask me.

By the way, Hollywood, if you want to use Burnsy’s White House Down storyboards, all we’d ask for is a couple million and a potato sack full of cocaine, Which it sounds like you’ve already been snorting.