OMG OMG, it’s footage from ‘Thor!’

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06.10.10 16 Comments

This clip has been making the rounds today, and it’s from a Marvel superhero movie, so I’d better post it (also, I’m lazy).  It’s a segment from Entertainment Tonight and there’s actually very little actual footage from the movie (at the 2:03 mark). It shows the cast running and star Chris Hemsworth saying ‘Look! Over there!”  Oh crap, was I supposed to say ‘spoiler alert?’ And to get to it, you’ll have to sit through the be-V-necked Mervin’s mannequin Little Lord Fauntleroy here asking Hemsworth and Natalie Portman tough questions like:

“So what’s it like being Thor?”

“Tell us about the chemistry between you two.”

“Have you ever seen her rap?”

“Do you feel pressure because of how well these franchises have done?”

“Chris is a big boy now.  Wow!”

I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said “tough questions.”  Because really, how does a person go about responding to such asinine throat queefs?  This guy makes Seacrest look like a Hell’s Angel.  This man is a human tampon.

Oh, I guess they did get this image of Anthony Hopkins as Odin.  You can tell he’s the big swinging d*ck of Norse Gods because his eyepatch holds itself up with no strap.  Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t subscribe to any religion where the supreme being can’t fix his own handicaps.

“Look, it’s Jesus!  He’s rolling across water in his magic wheelchair!”

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