OMG, You Guys, Jessica Chastain Looked Different In High School!

Via Instagram/Getty

With A Most Violent Year opening wide this week, Jessica Chastain is once again poised to become the Next Big Thing. The film does for her boobs what American Hustle did for Amy Adams’, but sadly, the focus this week is on her face :-(. She posted the above left high school yearbook picture on her Instagram, which immediately had people playing “spot the difference.” Either because an actress getting plastic surgery is a scandal or someone’s face changing between the age of 18 and 37 is a scandal, I’m not sure which.

“It’s a beautifully designed nose, and Jessica must feel very blessed to have acquired it,” wrote Defamer.

I’m not a surgeon, so to me it just looks like her face got less chubby, as one’s tends to do. But I admit it’s hard to analyze with the blood rushing away from my brain. In my professional opinion, the correct answer is “Yes to both.”