Once again, I blame Twilight

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06.30.10 25 Comments

In addition to failed marriages, dead cats, and house husbands writing poetry, you can now add car crash to the list of terrible things Twilight may have indirectly caused.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – A woman claims she spotted a vampire on the road ahead of her and it made her back her car into a canal around 11 p.m. Sunday.
According to authorities, the woman was driving on a dirt road at K and 20 Roads near Fruita when she says she encountered the vampire.
She says it scared her, and she threw her car into reverse, backing it into a canal.
She was not injured. Her husband arrived on the scene and took her home. Troopers do not suspect alcohol or drugs to be factors in this accident.
They added that they found no evidence of a vampire. [NBC 11]

Now, I may not have medical expertise, legal expertise, pants, or basic hygiene, but it seems to a me, a person who admits to seeing a vampire when completely sober probably shouldn’t be operating a motor vehicle.  Even if you do have some sort of isolated hallucination, is that really the story you tell the cops?  Jeez lady, at least blame it on a black guy.

[it seemed as good a time as any for vampire dog]

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