Ong Bak 3 trailer gets Engrish transration

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04.13.10 7 Comments

Ever since Tony Jaa kneed and elbowed his way into my heart and pee hole a few years ago, I’ve posted every related story I can find, including plenty of clips from Ong Bak 3.  But up until now, we’ve had to watch the foreign versions, experiencing the action as outsiders, left to naively wonder what exactly Tony Jaa was saying just before he impaled that bad guy’s butt hole on an elephant tusk.

Well now Ong Bak 3 is back, with English subtitles, to let you know that Tony Jaa “smells the scent of vengefulness in you.”  Perhaps the scent is reminiscent of Thai food, like sex with Diablo Cody.  He also rocks some pretty freaky makeup in this one.  But I wouldn’t worry that Tony Jaa has gone Goth, he’s probably just painting his face to get pumped up for a big fight, like Lattimer from The Program.  God I’m gonna be sad when people stop getting that reference.

[via RopeofSilicon — Still no US release date set]

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