Oops. Captain America filming in London.

05.20.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

When Marvel was casting Captain America, they made a big point of making the lead an American, even though the Disney Channel has already fruitified all our young actors and the best we could do was Chris Evans (*dog covers paws with eyes*).  That was a great symbolic gesture and all, but shooting the movie in the US is what actually puts money in the bank (besides $70 parking tickets).  Oh hey, guess what:

The upcoming movie from Marvel Studios was originally to be filmed in Los Angeles. Instead, “Captain America: The First Avenger,” will shoot this July in London, where the story is partially set. The studio concluded that London was the best location for “Captain America,” largely because the story is set in Europe and will feature a number of scenes in London such as Piccadilly Circus, and also because of favorable tax incentives.

Though Marvel could have done the stage work in L.A. and shot exteriors in London, it wasn’t economically feasible to split the production between two locations, given the heavy filming required in Europe, said Marvel Studios co-President Louis D’Esposito, who oversees physical production.

“I actually had location scouts here to see what could be done,” he said. “But it would have required so much visual-effects work and set construction, it didn’t make sense.”

D’Esposito acknowledged that Britain’s film incentive, which offers a 20% to 25% payable tax credit on qualified expenditures, was another factor. Marvel could not apply for a tax credit from California’s program because the film’s budget, in the $140-million range, would make it ineligible, said D’Esposito, who personally lobbied California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to enact a film tax program, which took effect last year. California’s program excludes films costing more than $75 million.

So… why do people live in L.A. again?

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