Oscar Watch: Uwe Boll’s Blubberella Trailer Goes Online

11.09.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

Uwe Boll is pioneering the way German directors adapt the Matrix bullet dodge joke.

I once heard that if you say Uwe Boll’s name three times in a row, he shows up at your house around midnight and forces you to drink a bottle of absinthe with him, shirtless. It’s an old wives’ tale really, but just in case, in the unlikely event that you ever do find yourself bare chested and fraternizing with the enemy, I want you to have at least one mutual topic you can share. Enter the OFFICIAL TRAILER for Blubberella, Uwe Boll’s latest thing that he pointed a camera at. Vince first reported on this about two weeks ago and I’m proud to say that the concept is still just as awful as it ever was: a superhero comedy about an overweight half-vampire who fights nazis? Yes, correct, that was a question -because not even I am totally sure of anything these days.

Trailer begins as some kind of Holocaust memorial video, but then quickly turns inbred slapstick Vaudeville, at the drop of a dime. So please enjoy blatant fat kid joke after blatant fat kid joke. Mark my words: come awards season, ballot chads will be punched.

Holy sh*t, is that Uwe Boll as Hitler?!

Official trailer after the jump:


Special thanks to TwitchFilms for the tip.

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