Frotcast 323: Oscars Preview, With Matt Ufford

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It’s Oscars week! That means the Frotcast is breaking down the nominees, the history, the betting odds… haha just kidding, we’re helping you plan your drinking games and breaking down the last movies we saw. Joining hosts Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk (me!) and Brendan are Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show and SB Nation’s Matt Ufford. We discuss whether liking La La Land makes you super white, the possible Anti-Semitism-washing of Cinderella Man, and whether Brendan was wrong for loving Braveheart. Finally, we answer your emails about life choices and baldness. Enjoy and Frot on!


Intro – A listener discovered the origin of Matt Lieb’s “Joseph-Joseph” bit from a few episodes ago in Terminator

5:00 – Preamble to the Oscars, the last movie each of us have seen. Matt Lieb’s? Cinderella Man. Also, Cinderella Man’s clever avoidance of the anti-Semitism in its story.

12:40 – Matt Ufford joins. Related: were too many guys named “Matt” the reason Atlanta lost the Super Bowl?

15:00 – Matt Ufford’s last movie: La La Land.

35:00 – Is Braveheart actually bad? Brendan is forced to reflect.

45:00 – All your Oscar presenters and nominees. We try to decide Oscars drinking game rules.

1:16:00 – Getting to the bottom of Sinbad’s Shazam and other false memories.

1:27:00 – Alex Jones and Jon Ronson

1:35:00 – Your emails.

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