Pacific Rim Sequel Probably a Go After Record-Setting Opening in China

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08.01.13 26 Comments


In shocking news no one could’ve foreseen, Pacific Rim is super popular in Asia. It was already the number one movie internationally (despite having only opened in less than half of all territories) before it opened in China this week, where it set the all-time opening day record. And it still hasn’t opened in Japan. My guess is they’ll probably enjoy it, but you should never stereotype.

From Deadline:

The latest development is the 3D sci-fi actioner’s Wednesday [opened] in China to a record-breaking $9M from an estimated 5,700 digital 3D screens, 117 digital 3D IMAX screens, and 22 China Giant Screen sites. That’s a new high for any Warner Bros release and 23% bigger than for any Harry Potter film including 3D Harry Potter 7B. Pacific Rim grossed a huge 70% of the Top Five market share there.

The result is that [the] film will likely have a sequel.

I’m not exactly sure what a “China Giant” screen is, but it sounds like a type of heroin. Probably it’s just a cheaply-made IMAX knock off made of lead and melamine though. Still no word on whether the Chinese cut spliced in product placement of the Kaiju drivers chugging a popular energy drink before the climactic battle.

No one is yet saying this movie is going to turn a profit due to the high cost of its Industrial Light & Magic CGI which sent the budget to $180M-$220M. Unfortunately, U.S. theatrical sales are not expected to exceed $100M all in so overseas coin was crucial. But international was always a big part of Pacific Rim‘s strategy in a crowded summer marketplace.

Oh, America. We’re never going to live down the fact that Grown Ups 2 beat Pacific Rim here, are we (not to mention it totally screwed me in our Fantasy Summer Box Office Game). This is a national stain akin to Vietnam and our treatment of Native Americans put together. But it’s only after coming to terms with our sins that we can truly move forward. I’d suggest we start by putting Dennis Dugan in prison. It’s the only way to show the world our underlying humanity.

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