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The Most Obnoxious Generation: An American Reunion Review |

The 20 Best Ozzie Guillen Misquotes |With Leather|

Donald Glover Talks About His ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Easter Egg |Gamma Squad|

Asian Spock watches a sabertoothed creature pleasure itself [via Photobucket]

On Urban Meyer, Amateurism & Winning |Smoking Section|

The Incredible Portrait In Portrait Art Of Kim Dong Yoo |UPROXX|

Chevy Chase on ‘Community’: It’s a ‘F*cking Mediocre Sitcom’ |Warming Glow|

A Joss Whedon Retrospective |ScreenJunkies|

Man With Punchable Face Makes Insufferable Nike Commercial |Videogum|

21 Sad Girls At Sporting Events |Buzzfeed|

The 17 Best ‘South Park’ Songs Ever |HuffPost Comedy|

Behind the Scenes of Eagleheart Season 2 |Adult Swim|

A Justin Bieber ‘Impersonator’ Was Molesting Kids, You Say? |TheSuperficial|

4 minutes and 33 seconds of Nicolas Cage rendering your argument invalid by not saying a word |Fark|

Chris Evans Only Likes Three Of His Movies |Moviefone|

Is This Elijah Wood or Steve Buscemi? |The FW|

8 Old-School Diseases Making a Comeback |Mentalfloss|

10 Blind Spots in Our 90’s Sitcom Nostalgia |Pajiba|

Four Irrefutable Reasons Why 28 Weeks Later Zombies Are the Most Terrifying |Unreality|

Kickass Kid of the Day: Caine’s Arcade |TheDailyWhat|

Durex Knows How to Sell Condoms |Brobible|

Matt Groening: “Springfield Was Named After Springfield, Oregon.” |High Definite|

The History of Goatse |Gawker|

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