Patrick Schwarzenegger Is Really Branching Out In ‘Scouts Vs. Zombies’

Unlike most children of Hollywood royalty, Patrick Schwarzenegger is not going to lean on his father’s iconic name to become a huge star and help him get big, juicy roles in all the huge movies. Just look at him at a Lakers game back in January. He could be sitting courtside if he wanted to, but instead he chose to sit several rows back like the rest of the working class. Arnold’s son has instead laced up his shoes and built his acting career the old-fashioned way – by becoming friends with Adam Sandler and getting supporting roles as “Jock Kid Game #3” and “Frat Boy Cooper” in The Benchwarmers and Grown Ups 2, respectively.

But now Patrick is even stepping out from the protective shadow of the Happy Madison joke-recycling machine, as he’ll appear in the Kevin Connolly-directed Dear Eleanor later this year (who can turn down the opportunity to be directed by E from Entourage?) and this week comes the news that he’s going to be one of the stars of Scouts vs. Zombies, a film about – prepare yourselves – Boy Scouts protecting a town from zombies. So tell us Deadline, what role shall Patrick spread his wings and fly with in this surefire blockbuster? A medical student who helps develop a cure for the zombie plague? The silent and brooding loner with a dark past who holds the key to defeating the undead? The confident and eager-to-assist leader of the Scouts?

Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, here plays the popular high school quarterback who is a rival to the boy scout troop.

Oh. Well I’m sure he’ll look handsome while doing it. He always does.