Paul Feig Directing Female James Bond Spoof 'Susan Cooper'

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06.20.13 7 Comments

Paul Feig

With his directorial follow-up to Bridesmaids, The Heat, set to hit theaters next Friday, Paul Feig is already hard at work on lining up his next female-driven comedy. While Feig is set to begin work on Wish List, which stars Reese Witherspoon as a career woman who childhood dreams begin coming true, it appears that project may get leapfrogged – possibly because of someone’s drinky drinky problem – in favor of a spy spoof entitled, Susan Cooper.

According to The Wrap, Feig was inspired to write and direct this comedy after the Daniel Craig re-launch of James Bond began in 2006, and now he just needs to pick his female star, whose name will probably rhyme with Piston Triig or Felissa PcParthy.

“Bridesmaids” director Feig is currently searching for a leading lady to star in “Susan Cooper,” which will be a realistic comedy about a female James Bond, rather than a parody along the lines of “Get Smart” or “Johnny English.”

It’s described by an individual familiar with the project as a two-hander in the vein of “The Heat” that lends itself to a possible franchise.

Feig wrote the script and will produce the movie through his Feigco Entertainment banner, which recently landed a first-look deal at Fox.

All of that’s great for Feig and whichever hilarious actress he picks to star. But what’s much more important right now is that I had no clue that Feig played Stanley in the 1990 comedy Ski Patrol. While it was no Ski School – very few movies are – Ski Patrol was one of the world’s great cornball “We need to save the (insert stupid place where people hung out in the 80s and early 90s)” films.

And Feig provided one of the all-time great corny white nerd dance moments in movie history.

Even George Lopez shows up between paying for sex to laugh at Feig’s amazing dance skills.

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