Awesomely Unshocking Video: Paul Rudd DJs a Bat Mitzvah

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08.03.10 54 Comments

As pre-emptive penance for the incredibly negative Dinner for Schmucks review I’m about to write, here’s Paul Rudd DJing a Bat Mitzvah in 1992.  He’s so absurdly likable.  It’s funny, because if you’d asked me what I imagined Paul Rudd was doing in 1992, I probably would’ve said, “I dunno, making the birthday girl feel like the specialest lady in town at a Bat Mitzvah?*” Next you’ll tell me Keanu Reeves surfs.

Helping her blow out the candles, manning the limbo pole, doing some air guitar on the dance floor… it’s got everything but slappin’ da bay-oss. It’s like all the stunts the Wedding Crashers guys pulled to get chicks, they learned from Paul Rudd, only he was just hanging out, playin’ air guitar with his niece, not realizing anyone was watching.

Paul-Rudd-Bat-Mitsvah1 Paul-Rudd-Bat-Mitzvah2 Paul-Rudd-Bat-Mitzvah3 Paul-Rudd-Bat-Mitzvah4 Paul-Rudd-Bat-Mitzvah5

[via Buzzfeed]

*Is ‘birthday girl’ the correct term? Jewess of honor?

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