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Paul Rudd was on Conan last night, which was apparently a re-run, to promote his not new movie Role Models.  He introduces a scene from the movie, only to show a random clip from the 1988 kid-in-wheelchair-meets-alien classic, Mac & Me.  Conan then pretends to act surprised because it’s important that people believe that none of Conan’s bits are in any way contrived.  The point of all this is that it led us to another clip from Mac & Me (attached below) which is one of the most bizarre and amazing clips of all time. It includes:

  • A birthday party at McDonald’s
  • A random, seemingly unrelated breakdance party in the McDonald’s parking lot
  • Heavy-handed product placement starring Ronald McDonald
  • Alien disguised as teddy bear
  • An inexplicable, fully-choreographed dance contest
  • …A contest which features guys dressed as football players in full pads and eye black
  • Alien disguised as teddy bear takes over the dance contest. Inside McDonald’s.

Sweet Jesus the 80s were retarded.

Many, many thanks to Matt at WarmingGlow/WithLeather for discovering this amazing video.

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