Paul Walker’s Father Is Suing Roger Rodas’s Estate For $1.8 Million

paul walker
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When a rich person dies young, it’s a virtual certainty that someone’s getting sued over it, and Paul Walker’s death has already inspired at least one lawsuit. Previously, the widow of Roger Rodas, the driver of the car Paul Walker died in, reportedly sued Porsche over an allegedly faulty suspension. Now, Paul Walker’s father is suing the Rodas estate, which seems like the rich side suing the non-rich one. But the two co-owned a race shop together, and not surprisingly, things get complicated.

The [$1.8 million creditor’s] claim [filed by Paul William Walker III] argues that Rodas’ estate is in possession of “numerous automobiles and other motor vehicles that are either wholly or partially owned” by Walker. Walker’s father, acting as executor of the actor’s estate, wants the vehicles returned and/or Walker’s “proportionate share of any sales proceeds derived from the sale of such vehicles.” [EntertainmentWeekly]

But in paperwork filed in response to the lawsuit Dec. 23, Rodas’ wife rejected the claim. [CBS2]

I guess it’s fitting that it’s a dispute over cars. Is there anything these two did that doesn’t go back to cars? Anyway, you might think that with all the money the Walker family stands to make on Paul Walker’s estate and from the Fast and Furious movies (which famously employed Walker’s brothers to complete Fast 7), that they could let go of a few cars. But then I can see them not feeling especially charitable towards the guy who was driving the car that killed him. All in all, just a bad situation all around.  Unless you’re a lawyer in which case it’s awesome.