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07.01.09 21 Comments

The New York Daily News reports that Pauly Shore is upset that Brüno’s black-baby adoption is hogging all the press while Shore’s own Afridoption-themed film flies under the radar (despite, I must admit, looking pretty funny), and is even considering legal action.

There may be more trouble brewing for Sacha Baron Cohen. Comedian Pauly Shore is the latest person to threaten the “Bruno” star with legal action, claiming that an adopted-baby bit in the upcoming “Bruno” bears a striking resemblance to the trailer and tag line for his 2007 film, “Adopted.” Shore tells us he has contacted his attorney and is waiting to take legal action against Baron Cohen…

The tagline to which Shore seems to be referring (if he was even being serious, when they quote these things without context it’s hard to know if the person was taking a pensive drag on a rolled cigarette or humping a soda machine when they said it) is the “First there was Angelina, then there was Madonna, now there’s Pauly!” bit from the Adopted poster. Which is a lot like Brüno’s voiceover, “Angelina’s got one, Madonna’s got one, now Brüno’s got one,” at 1:30 of the Brüno trailer, which came out a couple months after the Adopted trailer.  Still, it’s hard to prove someone ripped you off when your idea was pretty obvious to begin with.  I think the obvious solution here is for each of them to train their respective black kid in a winner-take-all fight to the death.  That’s how settled things back in the good old days.

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