Pedro Almodóvar's new movie looks really… fun?

Spain’s Pedro Almodóvar is basically the epitome of “acclaimed foreign auteur,” and when you think acclaimed foreign auteur, you think of movies like Amour, Michael Haneke’s heartbreakingly beautiful ode to old people having strokes. What you don’t normally think of is gay flight attendants doing elaborate song and dance numbers, which is what I’m So Excited seems to be. This might be the best 47-second movie trailer I’ve ever seen.

It opens March 9th in Spain, set for a US release later this year.

Little is known of plot, except that most of it takes place on a small airplane. It it looks like a throwback to his early sex comedies such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. It stars some Almodóvar veterans such as Javier Cámara, Penélope Cruz, and Cecilia Roth, as well as newcomers to the Almodóvar fold, such as Carlos Areces (Extraterrestrial), Raúl Arévalo (Ghost Graduation) and Antonio de la Torre (The Last Circus). [Twitch]

Featuring a huge ensemble cast, the comedy is set against a plane accident with various characters fearing for their lives and confessing their inner secrets. But obviously it’s much more lighthearted than that, in a movie that looks like it won’t be pausing for a moment to take a breath. [ThePlaylist]

Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind joining the mile high club with THOSE guys, am I right, fellas? I’m just not sure I can stuff these all these LAUGHS into my carry-on! Hey, and what’s the deal with airline food…


Tangentially related, but every time I type the accent in Almodóvar, I can’t help but think of this guy: