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Ever since The Hangover became the second highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever, speculation on what Todd Phillips and Zach Galifiniakis’ next project would be has run wild like an aborigine with a spear in the jungle.  Now Variety reports that the pair will do Due Date, to be followed by The Hangover 2 a year later.

Galifianakis will play one of the two leads in “Due Date,” an Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland [King of the Hill – eek] script that was revised by Adam Sztykiel [Made of Honor. Oof]. In the comedy about fatherhood, an expectant dad and his unlikely travel companion (Galifianakis) race cross-country in hopes of making it home for the birth of his first child.

Phillips is on track to earn $35 million or more on “The Hangover” after he gave back his salary and gross position to become an equity investment partner in the pic. Move allowed him to make the film with Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, who were not proven at the box office. Phillips never wagered as smartly as he did on “The Hangover.” Because he insisted on his cast, WB Pictures Group prexy Jeff Robinov gave him a budget ceiling of $34 million, and the only way Phillips could make that number was to work for scale and use salary and gross to buy his way into being an equity investor. [Variety]

F-ck yeah, Todd Phillips.  Uh, he’s here for the gangbang?  But seriously, it’s pretty awesome when someone in Hollywood lays his nuts on the table and ends up proving everyone wrong.  Usually the only time you see nuts laid on the table is when squirrels gamble.

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