Detroit’s Robocop Statue is Coming Together

Before there was a Veronica Mars movie and Zach Braff, Kickstarter had Detroit’s Robocop statue. People on the internet decided they’d buy that for a dollar, and eventually the project raised $67,000, $17,000 more than their $50,000 goal. Some in Detroit didn’t like the idea, but I’m assuming those people have all since been murdered or frozen to death in abandoned houses. I can only imagine that the reason a Robocop statue didn’t make as much as Zach Braff is because they asked for less. Also, to be fair, $67,000 is about $6 million in Detroit money.

In any case, the full-sized model has been complete by Fred “the Robot Man” Barton, and now it’s ready to be cast in bronze. So, just as soon as the team of vagrants steal enough copper wire and tin for the bronze, it should be ready to go. I kid, Detroit, I kid.

If you wonder why Robocop doesn’t have a gun, that was addressed earlier by the planners:

Gun or no gun?

Again, going back to the reasoning along the same lines as the Superman statue. Superman has deadly heat vision, and he uses it when necessary, but the concepts and ideals that he stands for are not irrevocably tied to the use of deadly force.

Uh huh, sure. Why would a campy, cyborg icon of crypto-fascism need a weapon? I must’ve missed that scene where he had a secret compartment in his chest that doubled as a no-kill puppy shelter. Hey, why not give him a Hawaiian shirt and a drink with a little umbrella in it? Robocop carries a gun, but really he’s all about cool tunes and chill vibes, man. On the plus side, the current pose sort of looks like he’s pressing a head to his Robocrotch.

Personally, I still wish they’d incorporate FilmDrunkard Asher’s idea:

Asher says: They could also wire the statue to give off heat. Bums could sleep around the base to keep warm, and it’d look like Robocop just slaughtered a pile of hobos.

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