Pirates 4 Has A New Teaser Trailer

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12.13.10 19 Comments

Vinnie’s Playgirl shoot is running longer than expected today, so I thought I’d take a second to make your lives better with the new teaser trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, because I know that’s what you’ve been praying for all day. Here’s the thing – I know most of us Drunkards don’t quite care for the Pirates films (well, obviously the pornos, but I digress) but this one has Ian McShane in it as Captain Blackbeard. And I checked my Man Rules book and sure enough – Chapter 37: If It Has Ian McShane It Might Not Suck.

It also has sexy mermaids, unsexy zombies and Penelope Cruz yelling things in some sort of ancient language. Is that Egyptian? Mayan? Swahili? We may never know.

Interesting side note: “There’s the jack I know” is what I yell at climax.

Trailer after the jump…

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