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08.03.09 36 Comments

Warner Bros is producing a remake of the 1935 Errol Flynn swashbuckler Captain Blood, with Daybreakers directors the Spierig Brothers.  But of course, this won’t be your grandpappy’s pirate movie, because your grandpappy pisses himself and his fly is down.  No, this one will be fresh and hip and MP3 because this one will be set in space.  XXXTREEEEME SPACE PIRACY!!!

According to Variety, the studio decided that the best way to usher the beloved 1935 Errol Flynn pirate classic into the modern world was by setting the movie … in outer space!  When I called Producer Bill Gerber, he was matter-of-fact about the changes. “When it comes to swashbuckling, you just couldn’t go back to the pirate era, not once you’ve experienced the juggernaut that is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ” he explains. “So we needed to find a new way to tell the story.” [LATimes]

Oh sure, you can’t do a real pirate movie now that people have already seen Johnny Depp dance with skeletons and wear eyeliner.  Just like you can’t do basketball movies now because Zac Efron sang a love song to his basketball.

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