Pixar's 'Brave' Has A New Trailer, Is All Robin Hood-y

Pixar released this two and a half minute clip/trailer from its upcoming film Brave yesterday, and it’s … cool? The hallmarks of a Pixar movie are all there: mind-melting animation, a sympathetic main character, some doofy-looking dudes doing doofy stuff, and so on. The film is especially notable because it is the first one by the studio to feature a female heroine, a sick archer named Princess Merida. That’s right, ANIMATED SISTERS ARE DOIN IT FOR THEMSELVES, Y’ALL.

Now, I am all for movies with strong female leads, and I am openly and unabashedly in the tank for Pixar movies in general, but I have a bone to pick with this clip: Really? The “one dude gets a bullseye then someone else splits the arrow” thing? Again? I know there’s only so much you can do with archery contests, and sure, it’s a cool sight gag, but hasn’t this been done to death by every Robin Hood movie ever? Why not have her, like… uh… shoot an arrow… far… or something. Look, I’m not the one on trial here. I’m just some putz sitting at his computer complaining about archery movies, as is my right as AN AMERICAN. Or have you not heard of a little something called the Bill of Rights, Pixar? Admittedly I haven’t read the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure there’s something about that in there. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK AND ALSO ORIGINAL ARCHERY CONTEST-RELATED SCENES IN MOVIES.

All that said, I’m very sure I will end up sniffling and dropping snot all over myself while watching this movie. Stop making me feel things, Pixar.



via Moviefone