Frotcast 268: Playboy, Justin Bieber’s Nudes, ‘Steve Jobs,’ And ‘Sad Bastard’ Author Lee Keeler

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Bret and Brendan join me in the Frotquarters this week as we talk to Sad Bastard author Lee Keeler, Justin Bieber’s nudes, Playboy, the Steve Jobs movie, Greg Hardy and domestic violence, and how to get “dad woke.”


2:30 – Justin Bieber’s penis pics, and the phenomenon of celebrity parents’ saying super creepy things about their kids.
7:25 – The Tod Maffin Update! We still don’t know for certain that #Content #Marketing expert Tod Maffin is a real person and not a robot, but we love him. Somehow all of his friends all sound like Tim & Eric/Pynchon characters.
9:30 – We try to sing Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” with our mouths for some reason.
17:35 – Lee Keeler, comedian, writer, producer, joins us to talk about ‘Sad Bastard: Practical Wisdom For the Modern A$$hole.’ The first non-aspirational men’s magazine.
41:20 – Playboy drops nudes. We discuss how advertising is building us pigeonholes and the compartmentalization of desire.
52:00 – One of our favorite subjects, Bryant Gumbel sounding obnoxious.
54:00 – Brendan leads us into a discussion of Greg Hardy and the NFL’s trouble with domestic violence. Brendan coins the term “Dad Woke.”
1:02:00 – Steve Jobs, and Aaron Sorkin. Is there anyone else so simultaneously talented and infuriating?
1:19:15 – EMAILS. We advise a listener (probably badly) who wants to know how to hit on a girl in his film class.

Sad Bastard: Practical Advice for the Modern A$$hole will be out Nov. 20, from Devastator Press. Lee Keeler has written for Crave Comedy, Screenjunkies, and done interviews for Hustler.

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