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09.30.09 56 Comments

Temple Hill Entertainment, one of the production companies behind Twilight, has acquired the movie rights to L.A. Candy, the “book” that was “written” by The Hills “star” Lauren Conrad.  “Why, that’s the best news I’ve ever heard!” said Dr. Opposite.

Conrad will be exec producer through her Blue Eyed Girl Prods. banner. The book, published in June by HarperCollins, has been on the bestseller lists of the New York Times for 14 weeks.  Informed by Conrad’s experiences, “L.A. Candy” tells the story of a 19-year-old who moves to Hollywood, quickly finds fame as a reality series star and then has to deal with the ramifications of living a fishbowl life. Conrad plans to write two more books [tentatively title ‘Pestilence’ and ‘Locusts’ -ed.] on the reality travails of protag Jane Roberts.


“Lauren, who became an icon in that reality show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book,” [producer] Bowen said. “We loved her take. Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize, wow, this isn’t at all what I’d planned for myself.” [Variety]

Yes, that sounds fascinating.  (*dismissive wank*) You can read an excerpt of the book here, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy nosebleeds.  Don’t worry, that’s just your brain leaking out.  It saw what you were reading and assumed it wasn’t needed anymore.   Though, to be fair, the book has come a long way from the first draft, which was just a makeup mirror and a drawing of a turkey.  “I made it by outlining my hand!” Conrad said.

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