Plushie pervs love Ted, apparently

In what is perhaps the most important news of the millennium, it seems people who like to f*ck teddy bears would also like to f*ck the teddy bear in Ted, the $50-million-grossing film from Seth MacFarlane. “Plushies” are people who get off on stuffed animals – similar, but distinct from “Furries,” people who get off on dressing like stuffed animals – and they want to make Ted their mascot. Why not just move to San Francisco? When I want to meet a gay bear named Ted, I just walk three blocks.

“Ted” creator Seth MacFarlane has already been contacted by a XXX website that’s popular with Plushies,, in the hopes they can acquire the rights to use Ted’s image and make him the site’s new mascot.
The site fired off a letter to Seth saying, “Not since Alf has there been this kind of excitement over a stuffed animal.”
The letter continues, “We are very serious and would like to engage in talks with you at your earliest convenience.” [TMZ]

That has to be weird for Seth MacFarlane. I wonder if other creators have to deal with this kind of thing. Were niche fetishes like this even around before the internet? Like, do you think anyone ever called up the Wright brothers and was like, “Hey, man, so we really like your plane, we’re huge fans of it. And… we were just wondering… can we f*ck it?”