Pod Yourself A Gun Season 3 Finale: Alan Sepinwall On Sopranos 313, Army Of One

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Dreaming about lo mein on the season finale of Pod Yourself A Gun.

On the latest episode of Pod Yourself A Gun: A Sopranos Podcast, Rolling Stone chief television critic and co-author of The Sopranos Sessions, Alan Sepinwall, returns to talk to Matt and Vince about the final episode of The Sopranos season 3, “Army of One.”

In the last pre-9/11 Sopranos episode, everyone’s favorite fail-stunad’ is at it again. The principal has a DNA match on AJ’s peepee, and Tony thinks military school will straighten the little piss bandit out. He’ll never get to be Donald Trump’s helicopter pilot if he doesn’t learn some discipline. During their talk, the guys decide when it’s okay to hit your kids, and try to find out if David Chase has heard the show. Let’s hope not!

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