Frotcast 306: Point Break Vs. The Point Break Remake

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Is the original Point Break a classic? Is it a good-good movie, a good-bad movie, or a bad-bad movie? And what does that say for the remake? Critics didn’t like the original that much when it came out, but by the time the remake came they were calling it a masterpiece. What does that say for the remake? Will it eventually be respected? We ponder all these questions and more, with the help of guest Francesca Fiorentini from AJ+. Comedian Joey Avery is sitting in for Bret this week, with Brendan and Vince returning. We also talk the hottest Colin Kaepernick takes, Crystal Corner, and your emails.


9:00 – Former NFL player Brendan describes the NFL combine
14:00 – On Hot Colin Kaepernick Taeks
22:30 – Point Break (The original)
27:16 – A Phone Call from Matt Lieb
38:00 – Point Break (the remake)
1:02:10 – Crystal Corner
1:21:00 – Emails

Here’s Matt And Francesca’s video, “White Fragility,” from their new YouTube Channel (also featuring past Frotcast guest Jane Harrison):

And I made this just for fun:

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