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A Swiss court denied Roman Polanski’s first request for bail today.  Apparently, those idiots consider the guy who’s been a fugitive for 30 years a (*air quotes*) flight risk.  Pff, Europe, whatreyagonnado.  Also a flight risk?  Birds riding hawks.

“We continue to be of the opinion that there is a high risk of flight,” said ministry spokesman Folco Galli, explaining the decision.
Galli told The Associated Press that the risk was too great for the government to accept bail or other security measures in exchange for the release of the filmmaker.
Two former Zurich prosecutors have said Polanski stands a minimal chance of an immediate release.
Dieter Jann said extradition would be hard to fight, and he thought Switzerland had followed procedures correctly. Peter Cosandey added that Polanski was unlikely to be released because he is not a permanent resident and had already jumped bail years ago in the United States. [AP]

(*sad alpine horn*) So the bad news is he’ll probably have to stay in Swiss jail until the case is decided. The good news, all-you-can-drink hot chocolate!  In other Polanski news, his native Poland has decided that now that the story of him raping a 13-year-old girl is fresh on everyone’s mind, it’s the perfect time to award him a star on Warsaw’s Walk of Fame.  In related news, Warsaw has a walk of fame.  Yesterday coal factory, tomorrow walk of fame.  Today deal with rat problem.

A star dedicated to Oscar-winning film director has been unveiled on a new ‘walk of fame’ in Warsaw as he faces three-decade-old child sex charges in the United States.

“Nothing is too shocking to me,” reads a quote on the star attributed to Polanski, 76.

It is one of 12 stars on the walk of fame dedicated to giants of the film world such as Marilyn Monroe, Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz, which debuted on a public walkway in central Warsaw over the weekend. [AP]

Sources say many of the remaining stars in the walk of fame are dedicated to the memory of the Polish hockey team, who drowned valiantly during spring training.  Also, a Polish Star is the outline of a hand with a triangle drawn inside. That’s important to note.

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