Poor Ralph Macchio

Senior Editor
06.10.10 24 Comments

Everyone knows that this year for Christmas, Will Smith bought for his son the Karate Kid franchise (along with a private island off the coast of Switzerland where live a herd of rare flying ponies). What no one thought to ask is, “What about the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio?  What does he get?  Where are his ponies?  Is he too old for ponies?  Is that guy even still alive?”

Apparently, he is still alive, and he’s pretty funny.  He’s looking to stage a comeback, but as he learns in this new Funny or Die video (below), if he wants to be famous, he’s gonna need to start acting like a d*ck.  This is the 2010s.  You don’t make it in Hollywood by being “nice,” or “talented,” or “having an ounce of charm.”  Just ask Cam Gigandet.  He traded his charm to the devil in exchange for that stupid monkey face of his.  It wasn’t a very good trade, but then, he’s not very smart.

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