The poster for Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ has big yellow text because of course

10.14.13 6 years ago 62 Comments


The poster for Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel is here, and what a surprise, it looks like a tasteful, shabby chic book cover from olden times. Rumor has it the trailer will drop on Thursday, so get your plaid ready.

A famous hotel’s legendary concierge [Fiennes] strikes up a friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé. [imdb]

Ooh, do you think the film will feature any center-framed shots of said concierge giving deadpan orders in vintage vernacular while a dutiful, close-cropped subordinate carefully ticks off a checklist? I wonder if they’ll have uniforms and trinkets and jargon!

I kid ol Wes, European aristocracy seems like the milieu he was born for, and the idea of Harvey Keitel in a Wes Anderson movie makes me nearly tumescent. So I’ll probably be there on opening day, wearing my smokiest eye makeup and playing some French shit on a boombox.

[poster via Screencrush]

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