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07.17.09 17 Comments

This trailer comes from Sahamongkolfilm, the people who brought us Chocolate, Ong Bak, and Raging Phoenix, so you know it’s going to be awesome. It’s called Power Kids, and it’s about a group of young muy thai experts who have to defend a hospital from terrorists in order to save their friend getting a heart transplant.  I want to marry that synopsis.  It also features poorly translated subtitles, my favorite.  Here are some of them:

Tony Jaa become an action star as a grown man. Jija Yanin become well known in her teens.  Now the world of martial arts…  Will engrave their names… At a very young age.   It’s time… for every heart… to unite… to fight the explosive battles with no regard for size.

So… which one of you ladies wants to fight an explosive battle with no regard for size?  (*points to crotch*) (*prematurely ejaculates*) (*cries*)

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