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12.14.09 26 Comments

Here’s a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa customized to look like Predator by Roderick “Slick Rick” McCullough, which you can currently see rolling around the streets of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I’ve been to Myrtle Beach.  It’s a great place if you enjoy restaurants decorated like a goddamned putt putt course.  Anyway I’ve long said that white guys with dreadlocks should be avoided like syringes filled with AIDS, but the jury’s still out on white guys with dreadlocks on their motorcycles.  I’ll have to bring this to committee.

Also, and this is neither here nor there, but it’d be pretty awesome if Rooster and Trish’s Neverending Story Van folded down like a cargo jet in back and a couple Predator bikes spilled out to steal the town’s children like the last Terminator flick.

[SuperStreetBike via UnrealityMag]

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