01.25.10 9 years ago 45 Comments

(“Auuuggggh, it’s Katherine Heigl!  Let’s run back down this diagonal hill!”)

Avatar is ruining everything.  Didn’t I tell you Avatar was going to ruin everything?  No one ever listens to me. *kicks empty can*  Anyway, breathless, randomly bolded and italicized “news” site MarketSaw is reporting that a source tells them that a 3D version of Gremlins is in the works, and that the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel will also be in 3D.   Meanwhile, WB is debating making Clash of the Titans 3D, and must come to a decision in the next 10 days if they want to meet their planned release date.

I can only hope that Gremlins in 3D is as an immersive experience as Avatar was, and that the Avatards leave the theater depressed that they have to go back to living in a gray world without malevolent party lizards.  Coincidentally, I read in Daily Scientist that you should never feed an Avatard after midnight.  It aggravates their bacne.

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