Princess Leia bikini car wash? Princess Leia bikini car wash.

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04.29.10 16 Comments

Putting on a Slave Leia bikini from Star Wars to pander to nerds is so simple, so uncreative, and so transparent that it’s pathetic.  And yet… when Princess Leia’s wet boob squishes against the glass and the camera man says, “This is the greatest car wash of all time,” …I truthfully cannot disagree.

The only thing that could be better than this is a team of dwarf chicks dressed as Warwick Davis from Willow.  What?  You know that would rock.  They’d need to put the sponges on the end of sticks, but it would work because his magic wand was a stick. I hope someone’s writing this down.  This could save the rec center.


Thanks to Jirish for the tip.

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