Probably the best lawyer commercial ever

If you don’t remember Bob Ray, he’s the guy who directed a documentary about a batsh*t awesome Austin character named Chad Holt – you may remember when I posted the trailer a while back, with the headline “I took a year off to raise guinea pigs and do cocaine,” which was a direct quote from Holt (you can buy or stream the DVD now from here). We also had him (Bob Ray) on a Frotcast.

More recently, Ray directed a commercial for Adam Reposa, who is Holt’s lawyer. I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty righteous commercial. And if you don’t, I’ll hire Adam Reposa to sue you, and you’ll be all like “Objection!” and then Adam Reposa will smash through the side of your house in his truck, and the judge will be all like “Sustained, brah.”

I heard the Accidentes guy once brought a case against Adam Reposa, and Adam Reposa chased him down the street with a two-by-four with a nail stuck in it until the guy agreed to change one of the twos in his phone number. True story.